Barrel Racing Exercises in Consistency with Danyelle Campbell

Here is a great video from Winning Runs with Futurity trainer and multiple time National Finals Rodeo qualifier Danyelle Campbell.

Danyelle and Charlotte go through some of the bits Danyelle uses to run and train in, she talks briefly on martingales.
The preview then moves into a barrel racing exercise that she uses on her 2 year olds right up to her open and rodeo horses. It helps the horses stay open the rib cage and following their nose.

She will use her inside leg/foot to help the horse stay in a “C shape”, but she is careful not to keep constant pressure

Barrel Exercise -Circle Tires

on the reins. She wants them to stay in the C shape, bend by giving and taking the rein pressure so they stay in position on their own. Because this is a preview, you don’t see the complete drill, but we have it on our Barrel Racing Drills website

The video moves on to show how Danyelle keeps her horse working consistent as she demonstrates why she tries not to “pick a horse up” She wants her horses to round out as she pulls to her hip and have the horse step around the barrel. She finds if you pick a horse up you take the roundness and speed out of a turn.

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