“Wanna be More Fit to Ride? Ways to Get it Going!”

Riding is one of those sports where you don’t “have to” be fit to participate.

Hmmmmm.  It does make a huge difference however.

Every part of your riding improves the more fit you become.

Fitness is not only a benefit for the obvious physical reasons, but also for the strength of your mind and the resilience of your emotions.

One of my favorite exercises for core awareness, strength and flexibility is a “hip roll.”

You begin with your feet placed shoulder width apart, your knees bent slightly and your toes turned slightly out.

Place your hands on your hips.

Slowly “roll” your hips in a circle and methodically “reach” as far as you can to the rim of the entire circle.

Roll your hips five times in one direction … pause … roll your hips methodically in the other direction.

There are more and more resources now specifically designed for riders.

For more ideas:  Fitness Resources for Riders

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