How to Stay on Track With Your Goals

Three Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Fall is often a time to reflect about what has transpired during the first three-quarters of the year.

You’ve got time now before the beginning of 2011 to think about what worked this year, what didn’t work, and what you would like to do in the future.

Maybe you want to buy, sell or trade your horse. Maybe you want to show more … or less. Maybe you’re content at the moment.

In this article, I’m suggesting three key questions to ask yourself when you make decisions.

They will help you stay on track with what makes you personally happy. It’s so easy for any number of reasons … ourselves, other people, circumstances … to make decisions that haven’t been thought out completely.

Question #1: What do I value most?

This question has to do with what is most important to you. It will help you take stock of your personal values.

You’ve probably experienced the unsolicited clarity of sifting through your values when an illness occurred, tragedy struck or a loved one passed on.

Suddenly, you were aware of what really mattered to you. You may have wondered why you weren’t living with that perspective all along. However painful, everything was simplified.

You can use, “What do I value most?” as a starting point for any decision. You don’t have to experience a tragedy to gain the confidence that comes with letting go of things that are not truly important to you.

Your answer will never be absolute. What you value today may or may not be different in one month, one year, or 10 years.

Question #2: What do I want (achieve, experience, or be)?

This question is more goal oriented.

But, it also goes further than that when you make sure your answer SUPER EXCITES YOU.

This again is totally personal.

This is where many people get hung up. They compare themselves to others. They think they have to do something other than their preferences.

We all come wired with our own desires.

When you answer this question, you will stay grounded.

Your answers are also your keys to having your own brand of fun.

When you make your next move by first deciding what’s important … and, then choosing a dream that excites you … now you are in for a real adventure.

Question #3: Do I believe this can happen?

You can answer the previous two questions, but if you don’t believe your decision can, or will happen, you can be sure it won’t.

Your beliefs are what you know to be TRUE within your own mind.

They are the “rules” of our thinking and they are very RIGID!

The reality is they are not really absolute, but we think they are. Religion is a great example of how different people have absolute beliefs.

Beliefs originate from a variety of sources, but ultimately they are the result of repeated patterns of thinking over time.

The good news is, to change your beliefs, change your thinking.

To change limiting beliefs about your success, consciously repeat thoughts that feel good, visualize your dreams happening with emotion, and look for solutions to your challenges.

Never believe YOU personally have the limitation. It’s only a matter of time until things work out for you when you believe they will.

If you don’t know exactly HOW things will unfold, no problem. Just know (believe (-:) that with time and persistence you will achieve the things you desire.

= Equals
Positive goals, Focused action and Ultimate success

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