Dena Kirkpatrick on bits for barrel racing

Here is a great 2 part video put together by Barrel Racing Buzz with accomplished barrel horse trainer Dena Kirkpatrick.   Dena goes through a pile of bits and talks about the uses of each one and how they should each fit.   She discusses several different types of snaffle bits, some gag bits including the popular Simplicity bit and her favorite bit the Loomis draw gag bit.  She also discussed one  of  the Sherry Cervi line of bits, a hackamore and combination bit.  Its a great review of many bits.

Kirkpatrick stresses that horses are like people and they all have different preferences.  Different horses are going to prefer different bits.  Certain bits are also made so that we can adjust them for the horse.  Adjusting the curb strap can also make a bit work differently making the horse respond differently.

Enjoy these Barrel Racing Buzz videos:

Part 2:

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