Dena Kirkpatrick talks about Stopping

Professional barrel racer and trainer Dena Kirkpatrick demonstrates how to get a great stop on a barrel horse.  She will start at a walk first, she will sit,  say whoa, make contact and have them take step back.  Dena emphasizes that you stop your horse in a straight line and to get out of their mouth (release) the moment they step back and give at their face.

Give this video a watch to get a visual of this great barrel racing tip from Dena Kirkpatrick

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  1. I just got a horse in that will crossfire in a turn. yes we need to work on leads away from the barrels. I don’t know if he just will not think for himself. some over disipline i beleive. however I see him crossfire just watching him play loose in the whole arena. we cleaned his sheath, it was sore. he needed a larger shoe, solar foot area, we just did this,front and hind, added a little shoe behind for confidence in the back, short straight trailer. doesnt seem to want to stop with his hind quarters, uses his front end way to much. pretty well broke, gives his face easy, went to way less bridle to be able to help him. close to perfect build, sound. other than x-ray vet check on hocks, ect. I say S-I joint needs att. on easy fig n out rides. what would you look for? then ?

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      Hi Candy, I don’t quite understand the end part there whether you are saying you did xray hocks or if you are suggesting that. Either way, it sounds like hocks or stifles to me. One way to find out would be to inject one or the other and narrow things out. I’ve seen horses respond to injections even when nothing showed up on xrays. If he is dropping a lead when he is broke enough to know better that’s a sure sign of some discomfort.

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