Feel With Your Eyes

Take a moment and imagine you are astride your favorite horse standing with this scene stretching before you. 

Sun shining.  Breeze blowing.  A 70 degree day.

Can you see yourself galloping up that hill?   Which path with you choose?  Will you go fast or slow?

Mmmmmmmm.  See where you will go.

Perhaps in the past you have heard me extoll the virtues of choreographing your eyes.

By that I mean planning where you will have your eyes at each moment during your ride and sticking to that plan.

There are so many good reasons to do this.   Your horse follows where you look.  You will stay focused on what you are doing.

Because of the mind, body, emotion connection your emotions will stay positive as your eyes stay up and focused.  All good stuff!

Now … let’s add another dimension.

As you direct your eyes, don’t just look where you are going …

feel what you are about to do.

Feel forward in milliseconds with your eyes … just like you did when you put yourself in the image above.

The greatest athletes of all time consistently report they see and feel what they are about to do just before it happens.

So from now on … add a feel forward with your eyes as you “look up.”    You will stay in the moment by seeing and feeling it happen perfectly right before your eyes.

Use your eyes as your guiding lights for focus, riding excellence AND the full vivid, feeling images of what’s about to happen and just about to unfold in front of you.

Bring your course, the arena, the trail, the herd, the cow … etc., to life with your eyes.

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