Kristen Weaver Brown talks about third barrel and balance

NFR qualifier, AQHA World Champion and barrel horse trainer Kristen Weaver-Brown talks to Barrel Racing Buzz about the third barrel.  Watch the video and let Kristen give you some great tips.  She is really well spoken and explains her beliefs really well.   Get some tips on how to avoid bowing out on the way to third and slicing third on the backside (thus causing your horse to step off the barrel on the way out).   She believes it is important you go back to two hands between second and third to regain your balance in the saddle.


They talk about riding the stride, sitting down for the turn and let the horse work the turn rather than getting ahead of your horse.  “Stay calm, breath, work the plan”  ” Ride the stride”

Kristen talks about feel.  Feeling your leads, feeling where your horses feet are.  You need to be able to feel what is going on underneath you.   She even suggests closing your eyes (at a walk in a safe environment) to to feel your horses stride.   She offers clinics and lessons and a lot of her platform is based on “feel”.  She also has a video available at, or linked through her website

Learn more about Kristen Weaver Brown at her website

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  1. Kristen is one of the best instructors hands down that there is. She is patient and clear and does not make fun of or yell at anyone. LOVE HER.

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