Sherry Cervi on training a sensitive, higher energy horse

Here are a series of 4 videos where Sherry shares some of the exercises she uses on her 8 year old horse Chappi.

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She says Chappi is a hotter type horse than she usually rides.   He doesn’t have a lot of rate and she has to do lots of stopping and backing with him.   Chappi is a bit nervous but Sherry does a good job of keeping him calm and listening.  She says she doesn’t make a big deal of some of the little things he does.   She emphasizes the importance of slow work with these pushy nervous type horses.

In the second video of this series Sherry slows Chappi down at the barrels instead of stopping.   She talks about how she prefers a martingale over a tie down for slow work.  Sherry also reiterates how with these sensitive minded horses you have to be careful not to pick on them all the time.  Here is the video for more details:

In the third video of this 4 part series you’ll see Sherry do her drill where she will do a 360 degree turn on the backside of the barrel to keep his hip up under him and bringing his front end around.  She wants her horse to bring his front end across and not float away.  She wants them to cross over.

In the final video of this series Sherry Cervi shows us some roll backs on the fence on her horse Chappi.  She says he uses this to help teach a horse to plant their but in the ground and to be really soft and responsive.   This is a good video to see when they are doing it wrong, but then how she eventually gets him working better.  Most of us don’t get it perfect the first time so its good to see how they will settle in and get better and better.  Sherry talks about when it time to quit too.   She is satisfied after a couple good roll backs in each direction with this horse,  but you need to know your own horse and know their breaking point.  You need to know when their learning is becoming destructive rather than constructive.   – Great point Sherry!

You can learn more about World Champion Sherry Cervi (and watch more videos too) on her website www.SherryCervi.comI also highly recommend her training video with Clinton Anderson.  It is one of the more expensive videos on the market but it is also packed with THE MOST information of any video out there.  I think its 11 hours and its actual training, not a bunch of product endorsements.


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