Tips from a Charmayne James Barrel Racing Clinic

11 Time World Champion Barrel Racers Charmayne James has a lot to offer the barrel racing world.
I came across this video on Youtube that was taken at one of Charmayne’s Barrel Racing clinics. If you have watched her video and read her book like I have, you will appreciate this visual.

Part of Charmayne’s teaching uses 5 axis points around the barrel. She also really emphasizes looking over the outside ear on a horse going into the turn to locate those points while shifting your weight to the outside. The third thing she wants to see is a bent elbow through the turn as you lift and position your horse for the turn.

This is a long video, but it won’t cost you a time to catch a glimpse of this $600 clinic.

For more on Charmayne James and her clinics visit her website: She also has some other really great articles on there that have been featured in Barrel Horse News.

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  1. My horse is so fast that she runs past her barrels( mostly just 1st and3rd) and it slows us down so much, we could be winning if she wasn’t, so how can I tighten up her turns and not slow her down?

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      It sounds like your horse needs to “rate”. We have a lot of great drills and exercises on rate on our site you might want to check it out. It is part of the proper preparation that is required as you approach the barrel. He needs to learn and have his cues while approaching the barrel reinforced.

  2. Hello, I was wondering how can i tell if iam giving my horse a big enough pocket? He is a big boy and runs better with bigger pockets, but I am no sure if its to wide or not.

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      Good question. I think if he is leaving it straight and strong you are entering in the right place. Have a look on a video of your run and see if you might be taking extra steps. Sometimes going deeper is more efficient than going wider.

  3. I just got a 7 year old appendix mare and I want to start her on the barrels . What’s the best thing to start with?

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