Barrel Horse Training Basics with Kristen Weaver Brown

In this video Kristen Weaver-Brown talks about what she looks for in a horse before she goes to the pattern.   She states she finds that many of the horses she gets in for training don’t have the basics required to start barrel racing.

We get many questions here at Free Barrel Racing Tips and on our Barrel Racing Tips page on Facebook on starting a horse on the pattern.  I think this is a great video that covers many of those questions either directly or indirectly.

I like how she refers to how some horses end up skipping a few “grades” and now they need to go back and learn the basics.  Perhaps the horses are asked to perform at a grade 6 level and they missed grades 4 and 5 for example.  She goes through a list of all the moves a horse needs to know before starting barrel racing training.

Here is the video:

“You owe them that foundation so they can go on and find their greatness”

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